Friday, 11 May 2012

Response 4 Dog's Life

Listen! Yes, you! Why don’t you listen? All I get is this silence. To some it’s golden, precious, nourishing. Yet the silence seems to cave in on me, it’s torture. What do I need to do? Bark a little louder? Wag my tail more? Roll on my back? Oi! If you don’t listen I’ll eat your steak. There’s more to me you know. Look at me, there’s more. More to me than walkies! More, more than cheap dog food. More than this tattered bed I lie in.  I like Asian pop and I’m a hopeless romantic at heart. You’d know if you’d taken the time to get to know me. Now where you going?! No, not them, not those sausages. They’ve been under the grill for nearly a week. I’m not insured you know! Maybe I should accept this is it, this oppressive silence. I’m just a dog after all.

1 comment:

  1. What a unique idea taking tackling this from a dog’s point of view! The short, sharp sentences lead me to believe that this is a tiny, yappy terrier with far too much energy.