Friday, 4 May 2012

Response 3: Growing old gracefully

Countdown! It won’t be long now- the big 60! It’s just a number. For 59 years I’ve made a mess of my life so what difference is one more year going to make? Pity party - that's what I’ll have. Can you just imagine it? Getting down with the kids at Sankeys. Alright, so maybe I’m a bit old for that, but at least I can floss - got my own teeth still, there’s my silver lining. I know Annie Mac! Could even do collaboration with David Guetta. Why not? Everyone else does. Or I might have a quiet one in the seven stars with Dave. He’ll be giving it large. The sultan of cheese, that’s Dave. Always telling me what I want to hear, never what I need to know. Decisions - I bet Alan sugar doesn’t have this many! What am I going to do man, 60! It’s all over isn’t it?

1 comment:

  1. I certainly wouldn't be viewing my life as a mess if I had memories such as these approaching the age of 60! 'Sultan of Cheese' love it! I can imagine someone with a Manc accent as I'm reading it (the narrative man in my head is doing overtime!).