Friday, 25 May 2012

Response 3: The Big Mistake

I turn on the news and hear the newsreader in the background "The whereabouts of Steven Bennett, leader of the newly formed World party is still unknown"………SB is standing up screaming at the TV ‘that’s me, why won’t you listen to me?’ 

Doctor Mills rushes into the room. ‘How the hell has this happened?  How the hell has the ruler of the world been sectioned?".  Suddenly the penny drops. SB how could I have missed that?  It’s been a constant on the news for the last week.  SB who claimed now he was ruler of the world was going to make changes. The things he told me during our midnight chats, most sounded plausible.

SB was collected by his family, everybody promising never to mention the last week again.  All SB would say was he went on holiday before starting the most important job in the world, literally ruling it.

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  1. Haha makes you wonder, there are so many 'mad' people claiming to be a higher power - who are we to say that they're not!