Friday, 25 May 2012

Response 2: If I ruled the world...

“If you ruled the world my darling, what would you do?”

His words coursed through my veins. My masters confident. So full of shit. What does he mean IF I ruled the world? Sure, I may lack airs, graces and social standing. I certainly lack wealth but I do rule the world. I rule everything he knows about the world. That coffee he’s drinking, I sourced the beans and I paid the woman who pours it. That newspaper he’s reading, I set up the subscription and I got the delivery boy sacked when it was once late. He’d go hungry without his 12.30pm lunch. His wife would divorce him without her 3pm flower delivery. His mistress would tell all if I failed to keep her happy.

My title is not grand. I may not be a king or queen but I am master and commander. He should remember that.

1 comment:

  1. Too true, it seems that it's always the unseen people who pull the strings and those in the spotlight who get the credit.