Friday, 18 May 2012

Response 3: The Midas Feather

The shrill shriek of a gull punctuates the crashing of the waves on the rocky shore. A solitary feather swirls down through the ocean spray, brushing Craig’s arm before coming to rest on the beach. Craig’s phone rings. It’s his boss Alan calling to congratulate him on getting that promotion.

The wind kicks up again sweeping the feather high above the cliff tops towards Scarborough castle. Away from the ocean breeze it cascades gently onto a picnic blanket in the castle gardens. The solitaire engagement ring sparkles in the sunlight. “Yes” says Mandy without a moment’s hesitation.

A scampering terrier sends the feather swirling furiously upwards once more, over the castle walls and back down towards the harbour.  Buffeted by a passing bus, it shoots off at a tangent into the open newsagent’s door. “Usual lottery numbers Val?” asks Rajit. “Yes please” she replies. “This could be my lucky week”.

1 comment:

  1. An enjoyable picture of fate, on a day when everything seems to go to plan.