Friday, 22 June 2012

The brief: A & E


  1. Tonight he’d had enough, been pushed too far as he sat in the waiting room watching the people coming and going he pondered how his bosses would react to him quitting for the night. Sure there would be hell to pay, but he didn’t care. Earlier he’d done his rounds. Moving from cubicle to cubicle only to find them filled with people he hated the most, timewasters. He had always loved working in A&E and these so called ill people were part of the job but tonight was intolerable. Cases of heart attack that turned out to be indigestion, mothers whose children had slight coughs. Headaches became tumours, the list was endless… he was just leaving when the staff nurse rushed in. ‘Major RTA on the M66’ A grin spread across his face, ‘no rest for the wicked’ he whispered and picking up his scythe he skipped onto the ward.

    1. Love this take on the brief. A very clever tale!

  2. This is Ace! love it!

  3. I am going to hide!

  4. Love the twist at the end, very unexpected.