Friday, 1 June 2012

Response 2: Arrogance is the only way to 'don’t panic'.

Barry the pig loved his life.  He lived on a farm where he lay in, rolled in the mud and farmer Jones would feed him treats.  Life could not get any better for him.
He would tease the other animals about he was the Farmer Jones’s favourite animal on the farm.  How the cows only got to eat grass, where as the farmer greatly pampered him.
He mocked Carl the Cockerel.  “You’re the farmer’s alarm clock!”
“You’re right, you’re the favourite.  I even heard that you are moving to an even better pig sty”.
“Of course! I have him wrapped around my little piggy’s toe” replied Barry.   
“Well don’t panic when you go”.
Barry got taken to his new pig sty, the rest of the farm yard animals furious with envy.  All except Carl. 
Barry got led to his luxury apartment.  Minutes, hours, days passed.  Barry was never seen again.

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  1. Poor, poor Barry...he had a good life while it lasted, maybe he is still in a luxury apartment?!