Friday, 22 June 2012

Response 2: Heartache

The pain’s in my chest,
Just in the last hour, it only hurts when I’m moving,
And speaking, and breathing.

Yes, I exercise daily,
At least a few times a week,
I walked to McDonalds on Sunday.

I always eat healthy,
Well, for most of my meals,
I’ll have a diet coke with a burger.

I’ve never smoked,
Only when younger – you know how it is,
Oh, and when having a drink.

No, I don’t drink,
Maybe at Christmas, christenings, funerals,
Oh, and when having a cig.

I don’t have any stress,
I work normal hours, late a few times a week,
Also, at weekends.

My father lived into his nineties,
As did his father, brother, and sister,
My mother? ‘til thirty.
I should lie down?
And relax? Do you think that it’s trouble?

I’ll change my ways,
My diet, stop smoking and drinking,
Become vegetarian, OH GOD…



  1. enjoyed reading this one it made me laugh for some reason reminded me of something my grandad would do/say!! well done :)