Friday, 22 June 2012

Response 3: A quirk of fate

The hospital bed crashed through the emergency room doors as the paramedics sped towards the theatre. A nurse wrestled with the mass of tubing before clamping an oxygen mask on my face. I briefly caught sight of his name tag – Jamie Molbraine. The name rang a faint bell. I’d heard it before, but where?

The world started fading.

“He’s crashing again” Jamie said.

“We can’t shock him until the bullet’s out” someone replied.

Abruptly everything came back in focus. I saw a nurse withdrawing a syringe. Whatever they’d injected had certainly done the trick.

Suddenly it dawned on me. It was thirty years ago and one of my very first assignments. Molbraine was a big shot hedge fund manager who’d clearly pissed off the wrong people. It was a difficult shot but a clean, professional kill. A single shot to the chest did the trick. The irony could kill me…

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  1. The Winner!!! love the twist in this very clever it made me want to read on and on! was a difficult choice this week... well done!