Thursday, 14 June 2012

Response 4: Simon says...

My stomach churned round just like the barrel of the gun as this evil man spun it after he placed one bullet into it! His wicked laugh pierced my ears and his horrific breath made me sick.
I didn’t deserve this, ok I owed him money but surely there were other options?
I couldn’t see a thing but I could hear every word and every movement and I could smell my own fear.
 “Pull the trigger” he snarled, “ok boss” another voice said.
“3..2..1” those 3 seconds were the longest in my life, I thought about so many thing in those seconds mainly my family, I took a deep breath and prayed.
“BANG” he shouted, I jumped out of my body then realised I was still alive.
I heard them laughing and then his evil voice said “sorry, I didn’t say Simon says”
“Okay, Simon says pull the trigger.”

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  1. The winner, I'm glad that we are rotating the adjudicator duties from this week as the standard of stories keeps getting better and better. I loved the ending, tense but amusing in a dark way.