Friday, 1 June 2012

Response 5: Don't Panic

Why is it that when someone asks you not to do something you automatically feel the need to do it?
Don’t do this don’t do that ... the more you hear it the more you want to do it.
That was the story of my life as a child; my mother was forever telling me what not to do ... although I rarely ever listened to her.
The one time I did listen to my mother was when she said to me “don’t panic” as I was being cut out of the car by the fire fighters, I took deep breaths, each one thinking it was my last, I closed my eyes and thought of a happy place I didn’t panic, I was so calm considering...
Apparently that’s what saved my life, if I would have got distressed my heart could have stopped.
I’m glad I finally listened to mum.

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  1. Really enjoyed this, a dramatic story but I could sense the serenity of the subject.