Friday, 6 July 2012

Response 2: Bottomless pit


read the rusty old sign. Ignoring the warning, I easily scaled the railings making my way up the mountainside. Reaching the spot, I stood on the precipice and peered down into the pit. The glorious sunshine failed to penetrate the utter blackness. This cold, foreboding place fascinated me. My dad warned me countless times to stay away from the mines but like all 11 year olds that just piqued my interest.

I picked up a pebble and tossed it in. “10 metres per second” my dad would tell me. I last tried this experiment shortly after the incident, guesstimating the pit to be about 20 metres deep. But that was a year ago and this time there was no sound. Were my ears deceiving me? I tossed in another but still nothing.

Jamie went missing a year ago today. Despite an exhaustive search he was never found.

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  1. what a sad story :( very good though well done x