Friday, 20 July 2012

Response 3: Rich Pickings

I milled amongst the horde walking towards the Olympic stadium. Today’s the most lucrative day in my calendar. Despite warnings about people like me I was positive there’d be rich pickings.
Diving in, I bumped into an elderly gent in a trench coat. Mumbling apologies, Slipping his wallet into my pocket, I ducked into an alleyway to check the contents. Damn, no cash! Still, the AMEX card could be a gold mine.

Back in the throng, I lifted a purse from a little old lady and a stack of tenners from a youth wearing combats. Fifty pounds for five minutes work. Next up was a tall, bearded Middle-Eastern gent. Stumbling into him, I easily retrieved the leather case from his knapsack. Seconds later I examined my haul. Lots of paperwork in Arabic but wait, what’s this? It looks like a blueprint of the stadium. What do these red crosses mean?

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  1. Ashley - Judge20 July 2012 at 11:45

    loved this one... my second fave this week! really enjoyed the twist wanted to read on! lets hope this one doesnt come true for the olympics! well done!