Friday, 27 July 2012

Response 4: The charity case of a singleton

Why is it that when you become single, couples think you (I’ve only been single for 6 weeks!) can’t possibly be as happy as they are, and that your social life is dead?

Well, here I was in that position. Gary and his girlfriend insisting I come to a beach party on Saturday. I couldn't be bothered. His work mates, all of which were toffs.  I’d have to pretend to smile and make small talk with snotty-nosed people.  I was persuaded by booze and a BBQ.

I wasn't disappointed; they were talking about pensions. I had enough so went and grabbed a burger and hid behind some rocks. Peace at last!
I was startled by a girls voice. 'So you think they’re morons as well?"   “Yeah” I replied.
“I'm Lisa, I’m only here as my mate and her bloke felt sorry for me as I'm newly single. What's your story?”

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  1. Bloody match-makers! Still it might end up a good thing for these two.