Friday, 6 July 2012

Response 4: The Headline Act

Twenty of us had travelled from Portsmouth to Leeds to see the headline act.  The bottomless pits are an Indie band that my mates and I have been waiting to see for 10 months.  No sooner had we got a brilliant place at the front than Sarah said ‘I’m so excited it's making me want to pee’  ‘Sarah we’ve only got 45 minutes!  We’ve got to get through all these people, find the stinking port-a-loos and get back, can you not wait?’  ‘No please Helen, come with me?’ she pleaded.  20 minutes later, having just arrived at the toilets there was an explosion the whole stage collapsed, people screaming, the noise was horrendous, the heat of the fire even from this distance was unbearable.  Sarah and I were the only two from our group of 20 to survive the worst tragedy ever to hit Leeds.  The Bottomless Pits?  All perished.

1 comment:

  1. The Winner!!! very lucky people or as i like to think of it as fate ... everything happens for a reason!! well done! x