Friday, 20 July 2012

Response 5: London Olympics

Live, laugh love, there was plenty of that going on on the 6th July 2005.  What an
Outstanding achievement!  We beat bids from Moscow,
New York and Madrid then pipped Paris to the post.  I am travelling
Down to London on the train; I want to get there in plenty of time for the
Opening ceremony.  I am excited, scared and
Nervous, this is the moment I have waited for since 2005

Or all my life if I’m honest.  I’ve been training for this for the
Last 12 years and now at the age of 22 I am at my optimum fitness and am
Yearning for my chance to show the world just what I can do.
Medals?  Oh yes, I’m definitely going for gold, my
Personal best is 10.69 just 0.2 seconds above the world record
I am going to beat it, wish me luck
Come on Britain

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  1. Ashley - judge20 July 2012 at 11:50

    The Winner - love the positivity in this story and i like the idea you had with the London Olympics! well done :)