Friday, 3 August 2012

Response 1: In the nick of time

I was driving home when I saw him.  A tall guy standing on the bridge staring down onto the traffic.  Then I noticed he was on the other side of the barrier, nothing to protect him from falling onto the motorway.

I jumped out of the car, running towards him in a panic; grabbing hold of the back of his jacket I screamed at him ‘mate, come on things can’t be that bad?’ If he leant forward there was nothing I could’ve done to stop him falling.

‘Please climb over the barrier and we can talk’ I begged.  He looked at me, he was just a kid.  I yelled to a guy on a bike, ‘for fuck sake, give me a lift here’ the two of us dragged him over the barrier.  We’d saved a mixed up kid who thought that his parents would disown him because he owed £200.

1 comment:

  1. A tragic tale, well presented. I'd hate to think there are people out there with such misguided notions.