Friday, 10 August 2012

Response 1: Mr Knight

No! look mum I don’t want to be a vigilante okay? Just because dad was in the T.A doesn’t make me SAS material. I want to chill, not kill. I don’t know what his dog drinks but is it really his fault if his urine is nuclear powered?

Mr Knight never had any lights on. In fact, I never saw him. Did he really exist? All we know was that his dog was on a peeing rampage destroying plants - expensive ones, at will. Still, the raging doubts about Mr Knight’s existence and his dark house played on my mind. I got up early and waited for the dog to pounce. Suddenly Mr Knight's back door opened. “Mr Knight" I shouted. “Anyone home?” Nothing. I walked in nervously, the house empty. All that stood there was the dog, science and a shiatsu. What was going on? Perhaps I’ll never know.

1 comment:

  1. Nuclear powered urine? Bane would have been a VERY different villain in The Dark Knight Rises with this power. Good use of the theme in this story and I'm very intrigued by what's happening in Mr Knight's house. Science and a shiatsu is an interesting combination.