Friday, 31 August 2012

Response 2: Bad blood

Dear diary,

I’m 7 years old today and I will be spending my birthday in hospital. I don’t really know what’s wrong with me, I feel tired and weak but I’m happy and my mummy tells me that’s all that matters! The nurses and doctors are nice but I can’t understand all these long words they're using! It’s a big day for me today my mummy says, I could finally be all better after this operation, this must be my 10th at least?

All I know is that I have “bad blood” as my mummy says and the doctors are doing all they can to make it better. Wish me luck!

Love Lucy.

I can’t believe I found my diary from all those years ago. That operation saved my life that day and now 10 years on I understand my illness and I’m proud to say that I beat leukaemia!

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  1. Inspiring story. Great to hear little Lucy pulled through and that she can look back and be grateful her live was saved by the operation