Friday, 10 August 2012

Response 2: The Dark Knight

The cold steel blade pressed fleetingly against my shoulder before rising in a slow, gentle arc above my head onto its counterpart. 

If only she knew the truth she’d be plunging that blade into my neck.

Rising up from the stool, I was presented with the insignia of the Order; the badge of a Knight of the Realm, one of the highest honours a UK citizen can achieve.

It’s hard to believe I was standing here today. If they knew who I really was I’d be behind bars for the rest of my life.

My thoughts are sharply interrupted by a ripple of applause. The nation saw me as a hero, a person who’d dedicated their life to helping under privileged children; a champion for their cause.

A scribe penned my name on a ceremonial scroll but my name belongs on a different register entirely.

My secret’s safe. For now…

1 comment:

  1. WINNER - Excellent take on the theme here. I am a fan of a bit of controversy in my narrative and the idea of celebrating/rewarding such a monster is awful.