Friday, 3 August 2012

Response 2: Got to be in it to win it

“What would you do with a hundred million quid?” asked Charlie. It was a question they had all heard many times but it sent a ripple of excitement across the office. 20 people paused in unison and allowed themselves to dream.

Tim dreamt of a new life away from his nagging wife. He’d finally be a millionaire playboy. Sarah dreamt of the fairytale wedding and life with her beau. Nicola thumbed the bracelet on her wrist with a smile. It reminded her of her travels and she dreamt of globetrotting again some day. Their dreams covered cars, houses, holidays, wild sex and sensible saving plans.

As 5pm drew near, they all knew the shop round the corner shut at 5.30pm. Should they buy a ticket? They all agreed and sped round the corner. Just in the nick of time, they all had their tickets and their dreams seemed closer somehow.

1 comment:

  1. The winner. 'Twas a close call this week as always but this story really struck a chord with me and I loved the humourous touch too. Well done!