Friday, 24 August 2012

Response 2: The Hidden Will

Click! The lock finally caved. One last glance round, coast clear. James snuck into his father’s office his heart pounding, not through fear but burning rage. The mere thought of the gross injustice he’d suffered made his blood boil.
Wiping such thoughts from his mind he turned to the task in hand. Thanks to the webcam he’d sneakily installed he knew exactly where to look but it was tricky in the dark. Moving the painting aside he retrieved the key and unlocked the desk drawers. Sliding open the top drawer he flicked on his torch.
Empty! Impossible! He’d watched dad stash it there nightly for weeks. He slammed the drawer shut. Wait, what was that noise? He reopened the drawer. Bingo! The impact had broken the secret compartment revealing the Will.
“I hereby bequeath all my wordly belongings to my only son, David”.

Who the fuck was David? Only son?

1 comment:

  1. Poor James. It made me believe that he may not have acted like an ideal son himself!