Friday, 10 August 2012

Response 3: A desperate chase

A peal of thunder interrupted the sound of the driving rain. The horse, startled, reared up threatening to topple its rider momentarily. The knight wrestled his steed sending it into a gallop once more. The pace was relentless, as it had to be. Maybe there was still time?

A flash of lightning lit up his armour as he finally approached the castle. He rode over the drawbridge and into the courtyard, dismounting before the animal had come to a standstill. The soft glow of candle light flickered through the stained glass windows. The ceremony must have started he thought.

He lunged at the staircase taking huge, desperate leaps forward. He could hear the voices chanting. Almost there now.  The heavy oak door was no match for his shoulder and he crashed into the oratory. The robed Knight stood over the altar, dagger held aloft over the maiden. He dashed forward.

1 comment:

  1. A classic hero and fair maiden tale. Great use of descriptive language here. The intensity of the weather and the actions of the knight really sing out in the language. I hope he gets the girl at the end of this tale.