Friday, 24 August 2012

Response 3: Evil Step Mother

I know hate is a strong word, but it wasn’t quite strong enough to describe how I felt towards that woman I had to call step mother. She was evil, and her daughter was the same, like mother like daughter, never a truer word spoken! I couldn’t understand why she treated me like that, She couldn’t have loved me more when my father was alive, but not only was I struggling to cope with my father’s sudden death, I was being shipped away to boarding school! “I’m doing this for you” she said! Yeah right, she just wanted my father’s house, cars and money, I’d have given up all of that just to have him back!
At least I had my father’s photo album, which was worth more to me than anything else; ironically it really was, once I discovered his hidden will inside his album!
Goodbye evil step mother!

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  1. As someone with a stepmother I can empathise with this modern day Cinderella tale - Karma.