Friday, 31 August 2012

Response 4: Bad Blood?

The disease had struck with a speed that had taken even the most hardened doom seers by surprise.

It had begun with the usual scare stories but we had heard them all before.  Millions spent on vaccinations and public information programmes advising us to wash our hands properly and avoid unnecessary contact.

It soon became apparent that it had mutated, that’s when I upped my treatments.

I used to resent my dialysis sessions.  Hours spent as my friends lived it up.  Now it’s my best friend, all of my breathing companions have gone…and more than likely, no longer breathing.

I had tried to share my findings with the authorities, but I was treated like a fool.  Then the phone lines went down.

So I stick to my daily routine, rice pudding for breakfast, tuna for lunch, dialysis for dinner…I wonder which will go off first, the tins or the generator.

1 comment:

  1. Very human story. Expected it turn into another viral outbreak but the author brought it back to real life. Also great character who has been afflicted with an illness and a painful process and sees it as part of his every day.