Friday, 31 August 2012

Response 5: Karma!

The bullying was relentless, would they ever get bored of taunting and tormenting him?  Gerry Butler was the nastiest, most loathsome, repugnant 12 year old you would ever have the misfortune to meet.  The trouble was, David knew that if Gerry fell into a pile of shit, he would come up smelling of roses!  Whereas David was a skinny, scruffy, smelly 12 year old.  It wasn’t his fault, his mother was an alcoholic and his father had long since disappeared.  It was very difficult to stay clean with no hot water at home.

As David looks back at his childhood, he’s quite thankful for all the bad blood between himself and Gerry.  It was his anger that gave him the idea of setting up a business supplying bodyguards to the rich and famous.  As he bends to put £20 in a homeless man’s hat, he stares, amazed, Gerry…, Gerry Butler?

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  1. First one not to use a literal blood theme. Solid story and great to see he made something of himself despite the poor childhood.