Friday, 17 August 2012

Response 5: My Mum is great

My mum is great.  If she was in the circus, she would be the spinning plate’s performer. 

Our family consisted of 4 kids, a Labrador dog, 1 rabbit , 2 fish and dad that was away with work all the time to pay for all of this.

My mum managed to get Claire to band practice, then to pick Andrew up from football, take me scouts then cook and feed us all.

This was done at the same time as bathing baby Dan; pets fed, dog walked a gossip with the neighbour and have us all in pyjamas for 8.00 for story time. 

My mum was the master of the house, but also master of time.  It takes me an hour to vacuum and another hour to wash the car; she would have done all this within 30 minutes and would have also baked a cake in the mean time. 

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  1. Mum's are great aren't they? I'm sure any mother can see herself in this story. Nicely done!