Friday, 31 August 2012

Response 6: Diamonds are forever

The blistering heat blurred the scene of the trade. I was new to this kind of heat. I sought refuge under the shade of the marquee. I gathered my thoughts whilst taking in the beautiful scenery of the town of Koidu, just east of Sierra Leone.

A small child in the distance distracted my attention. Sure, I knew how the process worked, but seeing the child working in the unbearable heat played on my conscience slightly.

“As with all things there is always some bad mixed with good”. That’s what I have to keep reminding myself. With the huge sum of money and business deal at stake I couldn’t afford to feel remorseful. After all, a single man couldn’t prevent this; it would happen anyway, right?

The child I watched captivated me, he looked scared, fuelled by fear, but continued working. Maybe there is such a thing as bad blood? 

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  1. Winner! Love the take on the theme with blood diamonds and loved the flow of the story. Good work