Friday, 7 September 2012

Response 1: Just a normal day at the office

On a hot sunny afternoon, Jenny sat at the front of her classroom.  It was nearly the end of the year and finding work for the kids to do gets very hard around this time.   As a last resort, she had told the kids to write a story titled 'If I had one super power'.    This was an ingenious idea that had come to her at lunch having been subjected to some sort of super hero movie last night. 

As the class room lay in silence, Jenny stared into space and thought how was this really helping to educate these kids’ young brains?  Half of them would be lethal weapons if they could fire lasers from their eyes or could levitate that rather heavy book sat on her desk. 


Jenny woke up from her trance to see her whole class staring at her, aghast.
‘Miss, the book is floating!!’ 

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  1. Great story, adding some excitement an ordinary day in the classroom