Friday, 28 September 2012

Response 1: The last stand

Nothing stands in the way of progress, certainly not the 12 tonne bulldozer bearing down on me. D-day had finally arrived; no turning back now. I’d withstood months of protracted negotiations, settlement offers and intimidation. Despite the inevitable court order, in my mind, the house was still mine.

My neighbours had all long scarpered, their houses demolished. Mine the last one standing. “It’s a good offer” Mrs Jenkins had reasoned. But how can you value a lifetime of memories? This is where I was born, raised and grown my family. Come what may, it was where I intended to die.

The stench of diesel hit my nostrils. Only a few yards away now. Gripping the chains binding me to my gate I ignored the loudhailer appeals steeling myself for the inevitable. The soft click of the landmine was drowned out by the roar of the engine. Nobody saw this coming.


  1. Nice twist! Like this one

  2. How sad! At least she got her wish and died at her childhood home.