Friday, 21 September 2012

Response 2: Fate

After being on the kidney replacement list for over 5 years it had seemed like the day would never come.
Then I finally received the good news, well I say good news – a multiple pile up on the M25.  It’s on odd experience to gain such joy from tragedy but it was my turn and a good match.
I had put any reservations to the back of my mind, blinded to the risks, hungry for my new life.
Complications, that’s what they had called it…my life reduced to such a meaningless word.  I had gone under, and stayed there.
So I watched my autopsy, my funeral, my wake – but the thing that makes this story worthwhile, I watched my heart transplanted into Lucy.  My only daughter, whose car had slipped on diesel carelessly left after the accident that had brought me so much hope. 
She had always owned my heart.

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  1. The most prized possession we have is our health but if we can't have that, the next best thing we can do is give it someone else. A tragic tale elevated nicely at the finale.