Friday, 14 September 2012

Response 2: The night caller

The red light in the window lit the night sky. He’d arrived at his destination. Another notch on his figurative bed post would soon be acquired. It had taken little time to find his latest target which perhaps was unsurprising given the widespread poverty gripping the region. In Cambodia, desperate people took desperate measures to earn a living.
A pretty teenage girl greeted him at the door and led him upstairs. The usual tinge of guilt crept in but he swiftly pushed it aside steeling himself for the task ahead. One drunken night last year ended with him visiting a brothel much like this one. He’d paid extra for unprotected sex but the true cost of his indiscretion was revealed months later when tests revealed HIV. Self pity and sorrow soon turned into rage and vengeance. If he was going out, he wasn’t going alone.
32 and counting, so far…

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  1. WINNER - Wow. Great tale that makes me feel both pity AND hatred towards the main character. How horrible that he contracted that disease but how evil to be actively spreading it.