Friday, 28 September 2012

Response 3: Interview

“The house at the end of the stweet?” I said.

My invisible adversary replied to me – I was the only one in the room to hear. “That’s wediculous!” I responded quickly.

Believe it or not – this was my dream job interview. I’d been practicing for years during my previous jobs. I was waiting for a dead man’s shoes. It’s not in my nature to wish ill of someone, I was just desperate for a chance. Worse still it was my Uncle Mel I was waiting for – anyone but a relation – how sick was I?! I’d even practiced with him. Master and pupil. Surely I was destined for this.

“Damn Duckth” I went on, “is it the shoot theason yet?”.

I wasn’t going to mess this up. The dialogue built to a crescendo. Then it came – my one chance.

“ya………..what’s up Doc?”

I nailed it. Looney Tunes had a new employee.


  1. Great, funny story. I hope he is as thucessful as his Uncle.