Friday, 14 September 2012

Response 3: Long distance call

The storm crashed down around the creaking old house, Elsie lay asleep. She was awoken by the phone ringing.  Startled she saw it was 2.00 in the morning, a little annoyed she answered the phone to silence.  
The next day she rang the phone company who said they will look into it, but that night, again the phone rang, only to hear silence. 
As the week past the phone calls continued getting more and more eerie. Mumbled words and static.
Finally the phone company got in touch and said they had traced the call, it was to a cemetery.
Without hesitating and full of anger now the old lady got into her car to where the nuisance caller was.  As she pulled up at destination she realised that she recognised this place. 
The storms had knocked down the phone line; it had fallen into a grave.  Her late husband’s grave. 

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  1. Interesting take on the brief. One that took quite a straight topic and extended it to something supernatural. I wonder what her husband would say if he could communicate further?