Friday, 14 September 2012

Response 4: Hanging up my hose

I always knew I wanted to be a fire-fighter.  My fireman Sam outfit was my favourite.

I made it of course, there was never any doubt.  The first time I was called out was a chip pan fire, alright, nothing to dramatic I managed to put it out with minimal damage, it only took 3 months to repair the cupboards, work surfaces and floor.  My most memorable call out was to an office fire, we saved everybody’s life carrying them out through the window; the three I dropped only sustained broken bones.  I tried hard to bring that cat down from the tree, it wasn’t my fault I suddenly developed a fear of heights and had to be rescued.

I don’t like working nights anyway, I haven’t played pool, cards or dominos once since I’ve been here.  I have a tinge of sadness as I walk away clutching my P45.

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  1. What a sad tale. The main character obviously has a deep love for his job and it's sad to think he can't perform that job any more.