Friday, 7 September 2012

Response 5: As free as a bird

Fifty, sixty, seventy miles an hour, the ground zooms by as I soar through the clouds.  Finally I had overcome my hatred of heights.

I met him at a bar, “I can grant you your greatest desire”. Cheesy, but it sure beat “your place or mine”!

Five mojitos later his offer had started to sound plausible.  After two shots I was hooked.
He had made his offer again over the noise of the bass and chatter, any power I wanted in return for one selfless act of kindness.

My alcohol muddled mind had run through all the possibilities, speed, strength, mind control, X-Ray vision…so many that my head had started to ache.

Ironic then, as I pick up speed, that I chose invisibility.  Flight would have come in handy as I plummet towards the ground.  My parachute refusing to open on my first charity jump…my one selfless act of kindness.

1 comment:

  1. Love the flow of this story. Found myself cringing at the end, imagine the horror of your parachute refusing to open!