Friday, 21 September 2012

Response 5: Fate

For the third time this week the answering machine was flashing, my mystery caller?  Diana her name was, she obviously had the wrong number, but the more I heard about her the more I was falling for her.  How strange, I had only heard her voice on my machine yet I knew so much about her.  She was landing in Manchester at 8.30pm tonight, she was expecting her friend Laura to collect her, she had her cello with her so needed Laura’s help.  Hang on, how would Laura be there? She didn’t even know Diana was landing tonight.  What the hell, I’m going to pick her up.

She was easy to spot, struggling with her cello and suitcase, as I approached her she looked confused, ‘Diana?’ ‘Yes, but who…?’ she replied ‘come on I’ll explain over dinner’ I brazenly said.  It was the start of a beautiful two night relationship.

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  1. The Winner: The only tale not hinged on tragedy. Love the fact that a chance encounter led to romance even if it was short lived. Well done!