Friday, 28 September 2012

Response 6: It started with a song

Bottomleys was never that crowded on a Thursday, in fact it was quiet most nights. That’s what I liked about the place - friendly and filled with rustic charm. I looked around the crowd to find a familiar face. I edged my way over to Gina, growing increasingly tired of the boisterous crowd.

“I’m going after this one Gina”

“Come on, you’ve got to stay, there’s a band on tonight. I’ve heard they're pretty good! Just stay for one song”

I supposed staying for one song couldn’t do any harm. We fought through the crowd to find a good spot. As the lights went down and the spotlight came on, the boisterous crowd fell silent.
I’ll never forget that moment. The first time I met your dad, he starting singing. The song I’ll always remember: 'The house at the end of the street'.

“Mum we’ve heard this story a million times!!”

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  1. Lovely story, I'm sure most of us have heard a memory repeated over and over by our parents and grandparents.