Friday, 28 September 2012

Response 7: The lucky one

Paul Johnson was my best friend at school. Living at the end of our street, we used to play together but I had a secret discontent for him.  He was an only child and Paul used to call round for me.  We would go round to his where he would have lots of toys, nicely lined up, all in mint condition.   I had to share mine with 4 brothers and sisters.  My toys were shared with siblings who would chew the head off my He- Man or paint nail varnish on my A-team figures.
Though one day my mum said “Paul isn’t the lucky one, you are.   He doesn’t have any brothers to play with so all the toys in the world mean nothing if you are playing with them all by yourself and that is why he always calls round for you to come out to play every day”.

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  1. What a lovely story. Although siblings can be a pain, I'm so glad I have one and that my girls have each other.