Friday, 5 October 2012

Response 1: One wish

Our little girl Millie was our little miracle, our world collapsed when we was told we would never have children, we finally came to terms with it and looked to adopt, just a few weeks into the process I fell pregnant.  We got all we ever wanted we had a family, we were more than happy!
As Millie got older she’s started to ask us why she didn’t have any brothers or sisters like all the children in her class, it broke our hearts but we told her she is all we ever wanted and needed.
2 missed periods and a pregnancy test later I was expecting again! We couldn’t believe it, 9 months later our little bobby was born!
As we all sat in the hospital room staring at our new arrival Millie whispered to herself, “Looks like that magic genie granted me my wish after all, thank you”

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  1. A lovely, touching tale which nicely reminds us that loved ones are the greatest treasure of all.