Friday, 26 October 2012

Response 2: SMS nightmare

This is a true story of Clara.  She got bullied by the 5 popular girls at school who abused her by sending her text messages.  Walking home one day, they grabbed her phone and threw it down an embankment.  Trying to catch it, she also fell, breaking her neck, dying instantly.  

The girls said she fell and thought they had got away with it. This until they started getting phone calls, a voice at the end so quiet that they could hardly hear what the person was saying.

The ring leader of the girls then got a text ‘I know what you did’ then ended up dead the next morning. One by one each of the girls got the text and then ended up dead.

Be nice to others as if you get a text saying ‘I know what you did’ then it could be the last text you get.

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  1. Quite a sad story, I like the idea of karma coming back on these girls