Friday, 12 October 2012

Response 2: Strangers on a train

She left me on Friday. She told me it wasn’t working and I just wasn’t manly enough for her. She told me she needed passion, fire …I stopped listening. I remember thumbing the tickets in my hand. A last-minute surprise trip designed to invigorate our broken relationship. I thumbed the tickets and thought how I’d now take this trip alone. Boarding the train, I found my seat and was instantly taken by the girl opposite me…

He left me on Wednesday. He told me he’d found someone else. He told me this new girl was more fun, more adventurous …I stopped listening. I remembered his promise to take me away. I decided to be bold, rid my life of him and take that last-minute trip alone. Sat on the train, a handsome man sat opposite me…

Our eyes met. He smiled, lent in and said, “Hi my name is Steve”.

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  1. The winner- what a twist of fate!