Friday, 5 October 2012

Response 3: Abracadabra

I transferred from Manchester University to Miami to finalise my PhD research.
October had brought with it chillier weather, but nothing compared to the grim rain of Manchester. 
It was Halloween and I was taken aback by how much effort was put into this night over here.  Back home Halloween meant dressing up as wizards, witches or Freddie.  Here anything goes, Mermaids, E.T., Cowboys – and everyone joined in.
I had gone for Aladdin.  The only outfit that I felt I wouldn’t get too much stick from my mates for, when I was inevitably tagged on Facebook.
Jean and I had been going out for six months and I had fallen for her big time.  She met me outside campus looking adorable with her turban and lantern. 
Caught up in the moment I dropped to one knee, and she said yes. 
This is when a genie granted me a single wish…

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  1. Ah, true love, something we've all wished for at some point I'm sure. Nice interpretation on the brief. This week's winner!