Friday, 12 October 2012

Response 3: A last minute booking

The meeting finished early. Result! Ted hailed a nearby cab and sped to the airport. Spending the rest of the week with his girls was an unexpected treat.
Life had been hard since Julie succumbed to cancer 18 months ago. Sacrifices had to be made. With no insurance pay-out he’d been forced to switch jobs; commuting to Boston each week, heading home at weekends.  Not any more though, thanks to the promotion he’d just landed. A desk job 20 minutes from home meant he could see them every day. He couldn’t wait to get home and break the news.
“Nothing like leaving it late” quipped the check-in girl. “We’re already boarding”.
Ted grabbed his ticket, negotiated security and climbed aboard United Airlines flight 11 to LA. Life had thrown him a few curveballs in 2010 but things were looking up. Yep, September 9th 2011 was a day to remember alright.

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  1. Oh no! Started off on such a happy note but we all know what happens next. Very well told story.