Friday, 26 October 2012

Response 3: The village tormentor

It was a dark, stormy night; everyone was asleep, except me. Tonight I had a job to do. This had been going on too long!

As I silently left the house, I started to worry whether I was doing the right thing. What if I got caught? But I couldn’t turn back now, it had been arranged. The streets were dead; nobody came out after dark anymore. Not since him.

As I ran across the fields something moved in front of me. I was jumpy - too jumpy it was a fox. I continued walking, increasing in speed, breaking into a jog, then a run.

Then he was there, a few inches from me. Standing there still as a statue staring in the other direction. I pulled my knife from its sheath. This was my chance. I was about to stab, he turned, no ears, no eyes, no nose, no mouth…

1 comment:

  1. Winner, I wanted to find out what this creature was! Great build up throughout the story.