Friday, 12 October 2012

Response 5: A change of plan

I WAS getting married today. 
Kate was the love of my life, my best friend.  Constantly talking about flowers, dresses and stressing over candles, she was more like Hitler dressed in white than my soul mate these days.  After fighting yesterday I got ruined on my stag do, to take advantage of single life.  So, sitting in a club, music deafening my ears, sitting next to a girl that I had snogged and had just been slapped by a girl who was getting fresh with someone... who was of course my wife-to-be.
Now with a thumping headache I am ringing around cancelling the church, guests, and now flights for the Vegas honeymoon.   I’m supposed to be with Kate for the rest of my life, but she had cheated on me, but so did I.   I dial the number.  A voice answers,
I reply, “Will you marry me in Las Vegas?” 


  1. Who was he calling?! I didn’t want the story to finish.

    1. Hi Fiance obviously