Friday, 19 October 2012

Response 5: In a cue

What was I doing in this piece of wood? It was dark and every few minutes came this pounding, my head pounding, this cycle continuing. The motion was unsettling. Stuck with no hope, this was turning into a nightmare.
My vision blurred I saw a glimmer of light and lots of round objects on a green surface through the small hole at the end. I needed to get out of here. With the next motion I would make my getaway.

I stuck my head as far as I could into the round bit then, whack! I was seeing stars, the pain was worth it somehow, it was no longer dark! Looking up to a sea of green, this was it, freedom! Lights blinded me. I could see a sign, “The Crucible Theatre, Sheffield Snooker championship 2012” wow! This could be my moment of fame, not bad going for a woodworm.

1 comment:

  1. Winner - I read this tale wondering where it was going. Intrigue grew but I never expected a story of a woodworm gatecrashing the Crucible. Brilliant and funny take.