Friday, 12 October 2012

Response 6: Holiday?

£40!!  4 days in Rhodes, what a bargain.  Jess had wanted a holiday for ages but with two kids and Jess wanting another it seemed out of the question.  Ok so it was only a long weekend and it was travelling by coach, but beggars can’t be choosers.

“Oh Alan that’s fantastic, I can’t wait to tell the kids, sunshine, sea and sand, does the hotel have a pool?  I’ll pack the swimsuits”  “Erm, I’m not sure honey, but we’ll have a ball anyway”

Three days later, settled on the coach the excitement was palpable.  Twenty minutes later the driver stopped, “here we are, enjoy your stay at the Rhodes B&B Middleton.”  How did I not notice when I booked that we were going to Manchester, on holiday?  Still, we had a brilliant time, Jess and I even managed to get an hour to ourselves to conceive our third child.

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  1. I doubt they would have been using their swimsuits in sunny Manchester! Great twist at the end.