Friday, 19 October 2012

Response 6: To boldy go

I joined the queue just after 11pm and its 2am now.  My girlfriend said that I was crazy but I’m only 15th in the line!
She says that I’m lucky to have a girlfriend, none of my friends do.  She makes imaginary quotation marks when she says friends – she doesn’t think that spending hours on World of Warcraft is a solid basis for friendship.
I while away the hours by imagining that I’m Spock’s katra waiting on Vulcan for his mind to be restored with McCoy’s.  It’s easy to imagine, my aspergers gives me a definite Vulcan edge – or at least I think so.
Sat here in my damp sleeping bag with my thermos and star trek butty box,  I wish that I had got that popup tent off the internet that I had been pondering over last week – but never mind, my hero Leonard Nimoy will be here soon.

1 comment:

  1. As a massive geek myself, I love this take on the queue theme. Maybe next weeks theme should be "meeting a hero" and we can continue the theme. Well done Trek boy!