Friday, 2 November 2012

Response 1: Bonfire night

The control board lit up like a Christmas tree. Even for bonfire night this number of outbreaks was unprecedented. Practically the whole city was alight.

Mike picked up the radio for the umpteenth time. “This is despatch, we have a fire on Union Street, over”. The lack of response was unsurprising. The crews were overrun, there simply wasn’t enough manpower. He walked to the window. A cacophony of sirens filled the air. Across the road, the United Nations building stood silent. Suddenly, a huge explosion ripped through the tower. The shockwave sent him flying backwards through the air. Something warm and wet dripped down his cheek. A shard of glass from the blast had nicked him just below the eye. Close call.

Armed police barged into the control room pinning Mike to the floor. A careless Sellotape fingerprint found on one of his bombs is how they finally caught him.

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  1. Great twist at the end of this story. Fantastic.